Help: Podcasts
WindowtotheMagic is a weekly Internet radio program, also known as a podcast, that covers Disney topics.

A podcast is nothing more than a downloadable audio or video file that is automatically delivered to your computer via a program called an "aggregator". One of the most popular podcast aggregator programs is Apple's iTunes. You do not need an iPod or portable music player to listen to a podcast... just a computer and speakers!

WindowtotheMagic is offered to you in a number of ways. You can download each week's show straight from our podcast page. You can also use the above-mentioned iTunes software or any other podcast aggregator to automatically receive each week's show on your computer. To do this, you must "subscribe" to the show, using one of the various "feeds" found on the main WindowtotheMagic Podcast page.

For more help on subscribing to WindowtotheMagic, click here.